Jan Eckoldt

Jan Eckoldt is specialized in transport law. He focuses on carriage of goods by sea, inland waterways and roads as well as on combined transport. He also frequently deals with other maritime and shipping related issues (such as collisions, accidents on board, limitation proceedings, FD&D etc.). In some maritime cases, Jan’s personal experience from sailing and being on board of sea and inland navigation vessels, can be a valuable addition to his approach. He regelarly sails on various vessels in order to keep his practical knowlegde up to date.

Jan grew up in Cologne, Germany. He studied German law (in Cologne) and Dutch law (in Amsterdam). Before his studies he worked as a tax consultant in Cologne. Jan is familiar with the sometimes typical yet subtle cultural differences between the Dutch-German business approach. Due to his background and experience, Jan often advises German speaking clients and assists Dutch clients with conflicts in Germany.

He started his career as a transport and trade lawyer in March 2005. In 2014, Jan received his PhD at the University of Leiden on his thesis “Choice-of-court agreement and carriage of goods by sea”.